I will enrich your visits to concert halls, theatres and exhibitions with my sense for detail, content and background. With my good-humored and emphatic character every cultural trip will be an enrichment.

Together we will leave from your home in your preferred means of transport. Or from a designated meeting point. I love to share my knowledge and reflection with you to create a unique cultural experience.

Maybe the opera which you have seen already 5 times, or the artworks which have touched you before will come to life again this time in another setting offering new insights. To establish links between earlier experiences and to encounter entirely new works evokes the pleasure which every art lover knows.

Every company brings his own colour and perspective. With me you will be in the presence of someone who first of all spent many years as an active participant in operas and concert performances. As an artist manager I learned to master the artistic and business side of the arts. The deep love and interest in music, theatre and the arts will be our guiding theme for a mutual experience.

My ideal is to make it possible for you to go on enjoying these trips longer than you may have thought, in a personal exclusive setting. How delightful it will be to savor the anticipation of an upcoming concert or exhibition during our travel together.

Everything which you do not wish to arrange yourself any longer, I will lovingly arrange for you. Planning, arranging tickets for the best seats, dinner before or afterwards. Travel details and if desired overnight stays can be done by me in your style. I did this many years with dedication for famous artists. I can also show you the behind scenes and if desired introduce you to the artists.

Our travel back home will be full of afterglow and analysis of what we both enjoyed, loved or maybe even sometimes did not like so much. We might even disagree from time to time, but also this enhances a special experience.

Nothing is too much. If you want to go to a great production in Hamburg or Paris, or we need to visit this once in a lifetime exhibition in London, we will just do so. Everything which needs to be arranged I will take care of. Tickets, travel, hotels and the proper restaurants. In short everything which will add to an unique trip.

© Cultural Companion

Stephan his cultural curiosity combined with his charisma and empathy make him an ideal partner to enrich your theater or museum visits. I wholeheartedly recommend you into his care.

Axel Rüger – Secretary/CEO Royal Academy of Arts London-former Director van Gogh Museum