Stephan Brekelmans

Born in the excellent wine year 1959, I grew up in a small village named Stiphout near Helmond situated in the southern province of Noord-Brabant. Gregorian chanting was quickly followed by a renowned mixed children chorus. In these years the vines were planted which rooted the love for classical music, the arts and beauty during the rest of my life.

Fairly quickly a life dedicated to the art of singing unfolded with as Olympus the Conservatory. The choral life remained my main occupation as a professional bas-bariton. The Dutch National Opera and National Radio Chorus were the setting of my musical and personal life. Many magnificent operas and concerts with famous conductors and soloists coloured the scene. Life on and behind the scenes was very intense, inspiring and educating.

Seeing different perspectives for my future I decided to discover the other side of the classical music business. At the age of 38, I accepted the challenge to educate myself further and accepted a job as office-manager at the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. On this crucial spot I had the privilege of learning everything I needed for my still unknown future in the classical music business. Instinctively I felt this would help me to build a new future.

After several years at the Stichting Nieuwe Kerk, a museum on the Dam Square Amsterdam, the music world knocked on my door again. The renowned artist management agency of Marijke Klinkhamer invited me to join their team. Within a few years I became managing partner, in what we later named Interartists Amsterdam. Our goal was serving hugely talented artists, gaining their trust with the appropriate respect and passion meanwhile connecting them to potential promoters. Bringing people together, make their talents flourish, be respectfully critical and certainly always lending an ear to their personal issues. To share joy, grieve and sometimes frustrations. Filtering all this if necessary to the outside world. Our mutual passion for music always leading the way.

Now in my 59th year the grapes might well be the very best my vines will bring forth. Everything comes together in Cultural Companion. My passion for the Arts, enthusiasm, humor and going into details. I offer you a very personal experience, laced with pleasure, enjoyment and new insights. Service going hand in hand with quality, depth and discretion.

© Cultural Companion

Stephan his warm interest in the arts and people will surely make him a special companion for visits to concerts, operas, theatre and exhibitions.

Mariss Jansons Conductor † 30-11-2019