The young Rembrandt, a magnificent exhibition in the Lakenhal Museum Leiden (until February 2020)Young Rembrandt Lakenhal Museum Leiden shows the development of this master of images. The etchings by Rembrandt have always intrigued me. The art of leaving out and penetrate towards the essence with just a few lines.
In music this art is present as well. Listen for example to the string quartets and solo sonatas of our great composers and see the same powerful language at work.
To say the same with less. Is this not also the art we try to strive for in our lives? The moving simplicity of “plain” lines, the by ear “simple” melody which sometimes evokes more emotion than an overwhelming symphony orchestra.

Listen to Bach, watch the etchings of Rembrandt and experience the superbly intoxicating beauty which brings it all inside without intellectual la-di-da and mirrors your soul.
The language of image and sound is many times more powerful than words and transcends all boundaries. Often I hear music in my inner ear whilst looking at Art. This beauty dissolves all sorrow, confusion and struggle which we call live. It lifts you up into the immense universe of love and unity.